Field Goods


The library is now bringing you a better way to eat, we now participate with Field Goods.

Field Goods subscribers receive 5-8 different types of fruit and vegetables each week, carefully selected and sourced from over 80 small farmers.  An informative weekly newsletter and email, “IN THE BAG”, provides tips, recipes and a helping guide for preparing the produce.

A weekly bag costs $15, $20, $25, or $30, depending on the size bag you choose.  An additional $1 is added as a fundraiser for our library programs.  The subscription is flexible; put your subscription on hold and re-start it at any time. There is an also option for a bi-weekly delivery.  Other add-on options include; fresh artisan breads, fresh pastas, herbs, various cheeses and oils.

The library in Armonk and
North White Plains are a drop-off point.


Go to to:

  1. Click “Order a Subscription”
  2. Find your location: Armonk or North White Plains
  3. Select Organization: North Castle Public Library or North White Plains Library
  4. Create your subscription

Questions?  Email