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The library – Your place to create!

Libraries have always offered crafts for children, but you might not know just how much people of all ages can do and explore. You can check our calendar for a complete list of our programs.  Here’s the Armonk calendar:

And here’s the calendar for North White Plains:

We’ve got everything from makerspaces for children to filmmaking and computer coding for teens to a knitting circle, healthy cooking classes, and poetry workshops for older teens and adults of all ages. But that’s not all.  Thanks to modern technology, the library can be a place for you to host your own creative work and find readers and viewers.

Have you written a book, or a collection of stories? Maybe you have a memoir or a photo collection that you’d like to share with distant relatives and friends?  Biblioboard and Self-E can help you reach your readers. You can submit your book to a special curated collection, where everyone with a library card can read or view it. Several local authors have already taken advantage of this program. Why not be the next? Here are the links so you can explore what’s possible.

If you’re a filmmaker, you may be interested in submitting your finished film to Indieflix. It’s also a great place to browse for small and independent films you might not see anywhere else. Here’s the link (Please note: you may first need to log in with your library card and set up a username and password):

Enjoy creating new stories of all kinds, and sharing them through your local library!

About the author:

Mary Johnson has worked at the North Castle Library for 22 years, first as the teen librarian and now at the reference desk. She still loves young adult literature and enjoys sharing book recommendations with readers of all ages. A published author (The Westchester Review, 2013, and Mythic Circle, 2009), she also leads our creative writing club, as well as our movie making club for teenagers.