Volunteering Policy

The North Castle Public Library encourages the use of volunteers to help the library in performing its work.  Utilizing volunteers’ time, talents, and enthusiasm for libraries helps to fulfill its mission.  Volunteering offers a way for community members to contribute, gain new experiences, a sense of satisfaction, and learn more about libraries.

Volunteers will not be used to replace the work done by paid library staff but to enhance the services that the library provides.

All volunteers must go through a process of application and interview to become a library volunteer.  Volunteers’ hours and responsibilities will be assigned by a supervisor and volunteers are required to follow the Library Code of Conduct, Volunteer Guidelines, and adhere to the library’s policies and procedures.

Volunteers may not engage in activities that could reveal confidential patron information and may not use the Integrated Library System. Adult volunteers will be recruited regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, physical limitations, sexual orientation, disability or any other criteria.

Volunteers under the age of 18 must have parental approval. Generally, the Library will not accept volunteers under the age of 14. Youth volunteers may not work without direct supervision by a staff member.

Volunteers can be released at any time at the discretion of the Library.

The library will check references where procedures call for it and has the authority to decline a volunteer application. Applications remain on file for one year if a suitable assignment is not available at the time of application.

To ensure a positive experience at the Library, the Library will:

  • Designate a staff person to administer the volunteer program.
  • Make every effort to ensure that volunteers serve in positions that reflect their skills and interests while meeting the needs of the Library.
  • Provide orientation and training to prepare the volunteers to perform their duties.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees – June 13, 2016