Wireless Policy

You can use your own wireless-enabled device to surf the net at this library. The library provides access to the Internet and does not monitor or control content.

  • The library cannot guarantee that the service will be available at any specific time.
  • Patrons using library terminals may be asked to limit their time when others are waiting.
  • When using wireless-enabled devices to listen to music, dialog, sound effects, etc. please use earphones to make the sound inaudible to others.
  • The library is not responsible for your activity and strongly encourages you to respect copyright laws and other library patrons in your use of the Internet.

Please note:

You are responsible for virus and security protection on your own workstation.

Signal strength may be affected by bandwidth use by other users and may vary in different areas of the library.

Adopted: December 13, 2004
Adopted: August 12, 2008