Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Tutorial

Mobile Hotspot devices can work as 3G or 4G internet connections for your laptop, game station or any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Connect to the Sprint 3G network nationwide. Activate the mobile hotspot on your phone and it becomes even more powerful. Connect up to 5 devices to your hotspot-capable phone and take the Web with you wherever you go.

The North Castle Public Library is now offering patrons the ability to check out mobile hotspots. The library hotspot lending program provides access to unlimited, high-speed Internet service anywhere Sprint provides data coverage. Connect to five devices at a time, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Perfect for those who have no Internet access at home, are going on vacation, or taking their business on the road.

Hotspots are available to North Castle Public Library cardholders for a 7-day loan period.

Hotspots must be picked up at and returned to the library.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I reserve a hotspot?
Call the Armonk Library at 914-273-3887 press #3
Call the North White Public Library at 914-648-6359.

Is there a charge to borrow a hotspot?
There is no charge to borrow a hotspot; however, there are fees incurred if the hotspot isn’t returned on or before the due date. A fee of $10 will be charged for any Hotspot that is returned late.  If a Hotspot is lost or damaged, the replacement fee is $100.

Who can reserve a hotspot?
Valid North Castle Public Library cardholders who are 18 years old or older and whose accounts are in good standing can reserve a hotspot.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, call the library to cancel your reservation.

Where do I pick up the hotspot?
All hotspots can be picked up at the Armonk Library and at the North White Plains Library.

Do I need my library card to pick up the hotspot?
Yes, you will need to present the library card that you used when reserving the hotspot to pick it up.

Can I renew the hotspot I have checked out?
No, hotspots are not renewable.

Where do I return my hotspot?
Return the hotspot to the Armonk Library or to the North White Plains Library.  Do not return it to the book-drop or to any other library; otherwise, a $10 fee is charged.

What is the late fee or replacement fee?
The late fee is $10. If a hotspot is lost or damaged, the replacement fee is $100.

Will the hotspot work everywhere?
No, it will only work where Sprint has data coverage. If you plan on taking the hotspot with you on a trip, you will definitely want to check Sprint’s data coverage map. Enter your zip code (or the zip code where you will be) and click on Map it, then click on the Data tab just above the map. Also, when it comes to having a good connection to the internet, consider the hotspot to be like a cell phone. If there’s a location at home or in an office building where you don’t have a strong enough signal to make a call on a cell phone, then chances are the hotspot won’t work in that location either.

How many devices can connect to the hotspot?
A maximum of 5 (five) devices can be connected at once.

Who do I contact if I have questions or a problem with the hotspot?
Call us at 914-273-3887 press #3


How to Turn on the Hotspot
To turn on the hotspot, press and hold the power button on the front of the device until you see Welcome appear on the display. It may take up to 30 seconds for the hotspot to be ready for use.

How to Charge the Hotspot
Insert the small end of the USB charging cable into the micro-USB charging port on the side of the hotspot and plug the charging adapter into a standard AC power outlet.

How to Connect to the Hotspot
Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device. Go to the list of available wireless networks and connect to Wi-Fi. Enter the username and password that appear on the box.

How to Turn Off the Hotspot
To turn off the hotspot, press and hold the power button on the front of the device until you see Goodbye appear on the display.