Current Affairs Book Club

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Title Author Month
Code Breaker Walter Isaacson July 2022
The Gatekeepers  Chris Whipple June 2022
The Fire Next Time James Baldwin May 2022
A Brief History of Motion Tom Standage March 2022

The Chancellor

Lawrence Schoonover February 2022
Superpower Russel Gold January 2022
The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam Max Boot December 2021
The Origins of Totalitarianism Hannah Arendt November 2021
The Outlier: The Life and Presidency of Jimmy Carter Kai Bird October 2021
Permanent Record Edward Snowden September 2021
Hate, Inc. Matt Taibbi July  2021
Agent Sonya Ben MacIntyre June 2021
Reflections of a Cynical Clinical Psychologist Max Heinrich May  2021
Black Wave Kim Ghattas April 2021
A Promised Land, part 2 Barack Obama  March  2021
A Promised Land, part 1 Barack Obama  February  2021
Battlegrounds McMaster January  2021
All the Shah’s Men Stephen Kinzer December 2020
Start a War Robert Draper November 2020
Why We’re Polarized Ezra Klein October 2020
Exercise of Power Robert Gates September 2020