The Friends of the Library Policy

The Library Board of Trustees recognizes that the Friends can be a vital source of support and encouragement for the aims and purposes of the Library and wishes to maintain a cooperative and harmonious relationship with its Board of Directors.

The role of the Friends is distinct from the role of the Trustees. The Friends is an independent organization, separate from the Library and the Trustees.

The Trustees provide governance of the Library as required by law and the Friends assist in developing the Library in ways identified in consultation with the Trustees and the Director.

  1. The Library Board of Trustees policy regarding the Friends organization is not intended to limit or prohibit working relationships with other nonprofit organizations that provide assistance to the Library, or with other individuals who seek to offer contributions and/or volunteer assistance to the Library.
  2. Cooperative projects for the benefit of the Library are encouraged, provided no such project compromises the Library Board of Trustees’ statutory responsibility for Library policy and management.
  3. Operating expenses of the North Castle Public Library are provided through the allocation of public funds which are administrated by the Board of Trustees under the guidelines established by the Town of North Caste and the state of New York.
  4. Friends’ monies are not integrated with public funds.

Adopted on October 15, 2001
Reviewed June 9, 2008