Policy for Display of Memorabilia, Awards and Citations

The policy is to cover:

Memorabilia, Awards and Citations given to individuals or organizations whose Memorabilia, Awards or Citation has benefited the NCPL.

  1. The Memorabilia, Awards or Citations should be of general interest to the Library and local community.
  2. The Memorabilia, Awards or Citations will be accepted with the donor’s full agreement that the Library has the right to display or dispose of the Memorabilia, Award or Citation in accordance with the best interest of the Library.
  3. Terms of acceptance of display purposes will be coordinated with the Trustees and handled by the Library Director, to be compatible with the Library Policies, donor’s intent and applicable laws.
  4. Designated display areas for Memorabilia, Awards and Citations will be determined by the Trustees, with review by the Library Director. Items will be located in these areas, or such other areas that the Board of Trustees may decide for a particular item. The library will determine the location for the display of each item within the designated areas.
  5. Memorabilia, Awards and Citations that have been given to individuals should have affixed to the back, when presented to the Library, a label denoting the donor, his/her address and phone number so that a contact may be attempted when the displays are changed.
  6. The Library is not responsible for the theft, damage, or fading of material displayed.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees – May 13, 2002
Reviewed June 9, 2008