Environmental Policy

  1. North Castle Public Library is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting environmental stewardship at all levels of our organization. Our goal is to minimize our organization’s impact and maximize future generations’ ability to live, work, and play in our shared natural environment, with equal access to clean air, clean water, and natural resources. We will strive to minimize pollution and waste, conserve energy and water, protect habitat, support renewable energy resources, buy environmentally friendly products, and encourage environmentally preferable transportation. These efforts will extend to contractor and supplier relationships. We will encourage contractors and suppliers serving or otherwise act on behalf of the organization to meet our standards of environmental performance.

Employee understanding and involvement are essential to the implementation of this environmental policy. All employees will receive a copy of this policy and be educated about our company’s efforts to improve our environmental performance. Employees at all levels of the organization will be involved in supporting our goals.

How Can We Help?

We need to be mindful of the lights within the building and ensure that they are turned off when they are not in Additionally, we need to stay committed to using LED bulbs, and reduce the use of lights when daylight is sufficient.

  • Employees should also ensure that they shut down all computers at the end of the business day.

Materials Management (Waste/Recycling & Purchasing)

  • We need to make an effort to utilize our recycling bins and ensure that we are using them
  • Employees are also encouraged to bring in their own reusable cups to avoid the use of bottled water
  • Employees should also be mindful of their paper usage and try to reuse paper whenever possible 


  • Employees should also be mindful during their commute to work and participate in fuel­ efficient driving practices. Some examples of these practices include: avoiding aggressive driving, driving at a steady speed limit, and avoiding idling your engine 

Land Use

  • Employees should help keep the parking lot clear of litter and ensure that they are using the bins for recycling and waste located in the parking lot and throughout the Library 


  • Employees should also make sure that they turn off faucets properly and report any leaks