Friends’ Gallery – Policy of Exhibits

  1. The purpose of exhibits is to showcase resources of the Library collection, to relate to Library promotions and special events, and to provide educational value about a particular theme or subject. Exhibits also enhance and increase the community’s appreciation of the arts.
  2. The scheduling and organization of exhibits will be the sole responsibility of the Library Director or Library staff. The scheduling for display space shall not be made more than one year in advance.
  3. Anyone who wishes to make the Library aware of resources available for possible inclusion in the Library exhibit should fill out an “Exhibit Resource” form. This should be sent to the Library Director.
  4. Materials exhibited primarily for commercial purposes will not be included in Library exhibits.
  5. The Library reserves the right to make the final decision of how all of its exhibits are arranged.
  6. Signage, if any, for all exhibits will be provided by the exhibitor with approval by the Library.
  7. No lender may change, add or remove any items in an exhibit during its scheduled time.
  8. Lenders will be asked to supply background information on the items lent to exhibits at least four weeks advance of the exhibit opening to insure adequate lead time in developing signage and writing news releases for the media.
  9. Exhibits will remain on display no more than four weeks.
  10. The Library may accompany its exhibits with complementary brochures, bookmarks or other items related to the exhibit’s theme.
  11. Because of limited storage space, it is imperative that materials lent to exhibits be dropped off and picked up at designated times. The Library will not be responsible for any items loaned for exhibits. Any items left more than four weeks may be disposed of as the Library sees fit.
  12. The Library is not responsible for the theft or damage, nor does it carry insurance to protect items loaned for display. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the lender.
  13. All persons loaning items for exhibits in the Library must complete and sign “The Lender’s Agreement.” The Agreement must be signed before any loaned items are placed on exhibit. This agreement includes a waiver form that releases the Library from any responsibility for loss or damage to an exhibit displayed at the Library.
  14. The final authority for approving all exhibits in the Library is the Library Board of Trustees. The Library reserves the right to prohibit any person from displaying artwork and crafts in the Library.
  15. All exhibits must conform to the space restrictions of the display areas. Exhibits to be hung on the walls or display panels shall be done so securely and under the guidelines of the Library.
  16. The Library use of display areas take precedence over any other use and the Library reserves the right to, without notice, cancel the use of the display areas by outside exhibits if the Library Director or Library Board of Trustees determines that the display space is needed for Library purposes.
  17. The Library Board of Trustees on the advice of the Library Director may deny or cancel any application for reservation for art display space and may waive any display policy.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees on August 6, 2001.
Adopted: August 12, 2008